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Tobi failed to finish the job

A long-running #BRATHESERIES has come to an end today.
Zainabu is interrogated by captors in this season finale of #BRATHESERIES.

It is a conciliatory edition where foes hug and rivals agree it's time.

Producer and actor Sammy Kioko, as Mzee Baraza observes, is making efforts although struggling to make it.

A lasting legacy of this show is that young men are fighting a losing game in the dating world plagued by the deep pocked wababas.

The BRATHE spirit is what makes Tobi to observe thus while having a chat with Sammy, "We have been losing in this game. We have never won. We are victims".
Tobi is given firm instructions to kill Zainabu. He failed.

The impassioned pleas by Consah's ex-boyfriend is what makes this last episode surreal and quite too mature to the reality that is the nasty break ups in Kenya.

He says in his efforts to get her, he lost [her] and has to live with that reality. But going by Consah's looks, it is not an easy thing to forgive as she is detached. These words, clearly, fell on a deaf ear, "I just wanted to say I am sorry. I am not here to return. I am here to go. But please understand that I never meant harm to you at any point".
Tobi's "new job"

All in all, it was a YouTube series that was worth local viewers' attention especially at a time we need to promote our local talents by giving them a platform for showcasing the best they have.


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