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Control freak losing command as family disintegrates

Now that #BRATHESERIES is having a season finale next Friday, we're left with enduring tales of the façade that is youthful relationships.
Tamara (far left) is bid good bye her friends. Season finale is next Friday. See you then on YouTube.

It's true that the extreme sport has broken many hearts. And controlling parents and spouses never know when boundaries are enforced for the sake of peace, even if temporary.

This is the 24th episode and Mzee [mbaba] Baraza has not learned his lesson that him being a control freak is leaving his two daughters dating wrecks. 

Tina fled the country. Next week, Tamara may. And this being drama, you cannot kill the protagonist and the show continues without a full stop.

Baraza's goons waylaid Zainabu and friends, ostensibly, on their way to the airport. The "nice" thugs finished the job and are in for a cut from their lord.

One major lingering lesson especially for men is that they should not let female friends separate them. That's why the wise Sammy cautions Tobi that it will be an exercise in futility to let the warmth of ghetto be taken over by the cold unreachable demands of the city girls.

Sammy tells Tobi this, " Don't we have dreams? We stopped chasing our dreams and started chasing women. You were dancing. I was a footballer. We both stopped. We are just chasing girls".

Sammy goes on to warn his friend that girls will leave him for men with more money. "You forgot I am your brother. Ubrathe ilienda wapi? Madem walikam wakatudivide. Let us focus".

Still, this is a reminder that pastors have shepherded many sheep to unholy pastures. Baraza's humming of the Pamoja na Wewe song is a stark contrast of his bad other life as a commander of a killer squad.

He tore apart the future of Zainabu and she never completed school. "Sometimes, I feel I let you down", he tells her.

It is not evident if they will change their ways in order to be contented since the gluttony for a more beaming and curvier cute is making many skirt the fundamentals of maturity in exchange for this nonsense.


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