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Tina told Tamara to take this home

Tense and fidgeting, Sammy Kioko took hold of the brown "private and confidential" letter that was not closed. The author of the said letter was Tina. It was brought by her younger sister Tamara or Linet Kivuva as she is known by the government.
Sammy reads a letter from Tina delivered by her sister Tamara (partly hidden). 

From the look of things, things are not good for Sammy. He appeared sad after reading the letter. Tamara too had stayed with the letter for days before delivery, piling to the mystery of Tina's secrets.

Tamara claimed the letter contained "all the answers" Sammy was looking for. Although we're not told, it is clear that Tamara is the dreaded bearer of bad news.

An earlier plot revealed that both Alex and Sammy were dating Tina before her disappearance. Sammy was keen to know the paternity of the unborn child Tina was carrying.

Since Sammy lives in the ghetto and is from a poor family, Tina's dad Mzee Baraza doesn't like him. He appears to prefer Alex who had a bad stint in the dating scene since he was eclipsed by high flying Sammy.

Another interesting twist is the undecided Tobi who lies to all his women: Zainabu and Konsah. But being the shrewd woman she is, Zainabu reads through that.

It is not clear how long Konsah will cook her Mandazis to the heart of Tobi but Sammy is having a field day eating them while warming with the new microwave Tobi bought from auctioneers for KSh200, a throwaway price. The economy is going south and that's no exception including the Ukambani film stars.

Next time, it'd be fair to let us know what Tina wrote. Pressure ya Baraza itaanza kupanda. Zainabu ought to be kind. She has done enough damage. Why kick a man when he is down?

See you in episode 20, 10am Friday.


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