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The shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach

The villain role of Zainabu aptly captures the falling and failing family of Mzee Baraza which is in disarray courtesy of her. Clothed in black flowing dress and dark-coloured lips, she oozes division.
Zainabu smells Mzee Baraza's wine. He dismissed her as thankless for not appreciating KSh1200 he had sent her./BRATHE

Episode 18 of #BRATHEseries does little to tell viewers where  Tina is. It doesn't also say whose pregnancy she is carrying. But going by the man talk between Alex and Sammy, the baby might be Sammy's.  

This is because Alex dismissed him as being too poor to start a family with Tina who comes from an affluent family. Baraza's worst assumption is that he can choose partners for his daughters Tina na Tamara. He handles them with kid gloves yet both are adults and have their own lives and preferences. 

Another interesting turn of events pits Tobi and his two women who his friends Sammy gives him free advice about. Tobi lacks the guts and spine to disappoint toxic Zainabu because it's clear that Zainabu was snatched from him by Mzee Baraza. His life is in danger and his continued engagement with her may prove a fatal attraction.

Tobi's "I'll think about it" mindset is what keeps Zainabu waiting for him to change his mind. Yet he misses Mandazis cooked by Konsah. The shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Tamara's role is largely introductory though she has access to both power and privilege. What she lacks is developing actionable networks around work to make her father's large estate attract more occupants outside the regular patrons. Perhaps, it is also a prove that higher education is not panacea for enterprise. Tobi and Sammy appear to be more streetwise and outgoing than her. Check out the full episode and others on YouTube. It's worth the data. Link:BRATHE EPISODE 18


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