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More rains required for farmers to harvest

Most crops planted in Mwingi region have not reached maturity stage as farmers wait for more rains in order to harvest crops planted in March 2023.
A cross section of farms in Tseikuru Ward, Kitui County. The crops need more rains in order for farmers to harvest. Kenya Meteorological Department said on May 9 that the forecast period for this week signify reduced amounts of rain. May is the cease month for the long rains./MWINGI TIMES 

When MWINGI TIMES visited a number of farms in Tseikuru Ward, Kitui County, farmers said that they were yet to harvest anything substantial from the long rains period. Crops such as millet, sorghum and green grams were at the flowering stage even as the Kenya Meteorological Department forecast on May 9th  diminishing amounts of rains for the season ending. 

Of note is that May is the ceasing month for the rains and crops that are yet to mature may not bring harvest despite much work having been done in tilling.

However, as for livestock feeds, there was rejuvenation of pasture and nutritious leaves for donkeys, goats, sheep and cows to feed on.

A spot check by MWINGI TIMES revealed that livestock prices had plunged as parents sold their goats to raise school fees for children in secondary schools and colleges.

No goat fetched KSh5000 at Muuna road where farmers from Kalimbui sublocation in Tseikuru Ward take their livestock for sale. Most middlemen were quoting a mature female goat at KSh4000. On a normal market day, it can fetch up to KSh6000. 


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