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March-April-May long rains season has ended-Weatherman

The March-April-May (MAM) rain season has ceased. The Kenya Meteorological Department has said that most places in Kitui County  are likely to experience "No significant" rains since the season closed in many areas.
Kitui County weather forecast showing the end of March-April-May rains/Kenya Meteorological Department 

This will be the sixth failed rain season. Before its ceasing, the MAM Long Rains had been marked by a decreasing downpour for two weeks.

In an advisory sent to MWINGI TIMES, Kitui County Director of Meteorological Services Mr Daniel Mbithi said that we expect the maximum temperature to range from 26°C to 34°C. The minimum temperature forecast will oscillate between 16°C to 23°C, he added.

Farmers have been urged to utilize the technical expertise of the local Ward Agricultural Extension Officers (WAES) employed by the county government while managing their shambas.

Most farms have little harvest. This exposes majority of the county to the ravages of drought shrinking their purchasing power as a significant percentage of their Income will go to buying food for survival till the next rain season in October 2023.


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