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Kitui leaders push for State to complete tarmacking remaining section of Kabati- Mbondoni road

Kitui leaders have reignited a push to have tarmacking of Kabati- Mbondoni road completed by the government to ease transportation in the areas served by the road.
From Left: Kitui Women Representative  Irene Kasalu, Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu, Kitui County Assembly Speaker Kevin Katisya and Kiomo/Kyethani MCA Anthony Musyoka during a fundraiser at Kiio Catholic Parish church in Mwingi West. Led by the Speaker the leaders asked government to complete tarmacking of Kabati -Mbondoni road. PATRICK MUTUKU  | MWINGI TIMES

The road whose construction has stalled  was being tarmacked by the National Government through the Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha).

County leaders led by Speaker Kevin Katisya asked the government to consider finishing the remaining works in the section between Kwa Siku shopping centre in Nguutani ward through Migwani town to Mbondoni town.

They were speaking Sunday during a fund drive for building a new church for St. Peter the Rock Kiio Parish Catholic Church in Kiomo/Kyethani Ward, Mwingi West constituency.  The event was attended by 14 Members of Parliament led by the area MP Charles Nguna majority of whom were members of the Catholic Members of Parliament caucus.  A good number of them as well were drawn from the Kenya Kwanza’s ruling coalition.

The youthful Speaker Katisya set the stage by bringing forth the agenda of the major road which is part of the Kitui- Kibwezi road whose construction to bitumen standard was commenced by the regime of the retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Since you Members of Parliament are here, on behalf of my elder brother Hon. CNN, our host, I want to urge you that once you go back to Parliament you ensure money is allocated to complete the remaining part from Migwani to Mbondoni. We would be very grateful if that section of road is completed as soon as possible, “ Katisya said.

His statement was echoed by Kitui Central lawmaker Dr. Makali Mulu as well as county Women MP Dr. Irene Kasalu. “I know your MP Ngusya has been persistent in asking the government to complete the road and I will continue to support him in that clarion call,” said Dr. Mulu.

He also assured the locals that he will use his influence as a member of the National Assembly Committee on Budget to ensure funds are allocated to complete the county’s key road.

But even as the legislator who is serving his third term in a row lauded the government for constructing the road he also chided the state for failing to compensate locals whose land was affected by the mega project. “We are happy that we already have the road but the government through the National Lands Commission has failed to fast track compensation to many of our people whose land was used to construct the road.

In a rejoinder to the quest by local leaders, Tongaren MP Dr. John Chikati assured the residents of Mwingi West that he would together with Dr. Mulu ensure enough monies are appropriated in a bid to complete the stalled project. “I serve with Dr. Makali Mulu in the Committee on Budget and Appropriations and I want to promise here the road will be tarmacked,” pledged Dr. Chikati.      

The road which is also part of the Northern Corridor which connects Kenya to Ethiopia has several sections which cuts through Kitui County. The Kabati-Mbondoni section is awaiting completion while Kamuwongo-Kaste- Irira section in Mwingi North is yet to be commenced.  

The Kabati-Mbondoni road connects Thika- Garissa highway at Mbondoni market and if tarmacked will ease travelling to Kitui town as the road is shorter by more than 30 kilometres compared to the Mwingi- Kanyonyoo- Kitui route.

Mwingi West MP Ngusya maintained that he would continue pressing the ruling administration to complete the critical road which cuts through the four wards in his jurisdiction. Besides, he asked the government through Kenya Rural Roads Authority to prioritise tarmacking of Mbondoni- Kiio-Kakongo road.  The road is key to not only local residents but also irrigation farmers along River Tana in transporting their farm produce. The 15 kilometre stretch of the road between Mbondoni and Kairungu is now being elevated from an earth road to a murram standard.


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