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KATOMBI slams Ukambani radio stations for denying him air play

UKAMBANI radio stations have been criticized by Benga singer Alex Kasau alias Katombi for what he termed as a negative media campaign to cast him in unfavorable light.
Alex Kasau alias Katombi (pictured) has slammed Kamba radio stations for what he described as obsession with bad news about him. He also said some gave little attention to his music in the past./COURTESY 

Katombi, a Kamba Benga artist said that his enemies teamed up with some unnamed radio station journalists to deny him airplay.  He addressed his suffering in his new song Ngai Wanja (God of the poor) which he released yesterday on his YouTube channel. The song has been viewed by more than 48,000 fans a day after release.

Katombi's fans welcomed the new club banger terming it "the Best". Muthengi Wazzie said: On behalf of all residents of Nzambani and our forefathers, I approve this video to be the best ever by any Benga musician in the world

Meshack Kaunange said that Katombi's haters should learn to give credit where it is due since he is talented and they should stop underrating him.

Katombi claimed that a plan to finish his band was hatched in 2019 but God helped him.
"They deleted my songs in all Ukambani radio stations and said my songs will not be played", he sang in the newly released song.

Katombi alleged that a meeting was held by the said radio managers.  "Indi ngasya vaina undu naendeya kwina kinze "[I resolved to keep singing after I was denied air play by the Ukambani radio stations], he added.

A string of unfortunate events followed later which he blamed his "haters" for plotting against him. He said he was involved in a terrible road accident which nearly claimed his life. This time, his detractors said the accident happened because of drunk driving, claims which the young Ukambani artist refuted. 

He also told them off for advancing conspiracy claims that he had joined devil worship and that he was "sacrificing people". Bazu said that some people linked him to joining Illuminati which was not true.


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