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Governor Malombe installs taskforce to streamline sand harvesting industry

Governor Dr Julius Malombe has unveiled a taskforce to study the sand industry that currently lacks local laws to manage. In the absence of county law on sand harvesting, the Kitui County Governor likened the current situation to a toothless bull dog that cannot bite.
Kitui Governor Julius Malombe in the company of the CEC for Environment John Mwendandu and the Sand Harvesting Taskforce Chairperson Esther Musili at the governor's boardroom on Thursday, May 11./MWINGI TIMES

The current situation has resulted in a mess where cartels and unregulated sand harvesters call shots in the multimillion industry that stretches across multiple sectors of the economy.

The Kitui County Sand Harvesting and Management Taskforce is mandated to study the sand industry and make a draft bill as well as a management policy.

The taskforce has 19 members being led by Madam Esther Musili, a top technocrat. She will be assisted in the work by other experts and community leaders with experience in environmental field.

Their work is already cut out by the county chief himself. " At the end of it's work, the taskforce is supposed to come up with a draft Kitui County policy on sand harvesting and management and the draft Kitui County Sand Harvesting Bill that should be enacted by the Kitui County Assembly", said Dr Julius Malombe.

Governor Malombe was optimistic that once appropriate laws are in place to curb illegal sand harvesting in the county, there will be conservation of the environment for both current and future generations. 

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe lamented that currently, the county relies on police who at times may not cooperate with county officials in bringing order in the sand harvesting industry.

The Kitui County Governor revealed that his team had mapped out several river basins for prudent management of sand. They are Tiva, Nzeeu, Mwitasyano river basins. Others named were Tyaa, Nguutani, Kamuwongo, Nziitu, Katse, Kanyungu, Enziu,Mwania, and Mui basins.


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