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FULFILL Sammy's wishes and find Tina since simping is killing him

Haunted by Tina's sudden departure and her immediate cut in communication, Sammy turns to Tina's sister for leads about her pregnancy.
Tina. The actress has confounded close #BRATHEseries show friends as well as her family. She's a lead role in the captivating episodes streamed live every Friday on YouTube.

But it is the dark earth they both sit on that hides the secret of this. Because, MWINGI TIMES ENTERTAINMENT understands that she was also seeing Alex who appears to have her father's blessings. 

The fall of Sammy will be the fall of hustlers in relationships who are dismissed as lacking in sufficient dollar reserves to command awe and ownership hence bigger control of things, as it were.

The Episode 17 of #BRATHEseries brings to the fore key highlights on matters dating. But it's a reprimand to parents who don't seem to understand that children have their own lives and loves outside their parents' circles. Mzee Baraza's take about keeping his lineage pure from "contamination" from the lower class resonates with this week's coronation of King Charles III which Meghan Markle skipped. Meghan did not have the blessings of the late Queen Elizabeth after eloping with Prince Harry to Canada and living in some American cities while inviting the probing press including talk show host and billionaire Oprah Winfrey who is also black as Meghan.

It's true that there is power imbalance in the dating world between the rich and poor. It is also true that the media and the film industries have been complicit for years about calling out slavery, colonialism and exploitation in many fronts. Pay the piper and dictate who blows the whistle loudest.

Now, back to BRATHE. As we anticipate the return of Tina, it's clear as day that Sammy is simping and doing it badly. Can't he get the drift? That the centre cannot hold... Or he will incur the curse of a deaf ear who cannot give audience to his own gut feeling that something is amiss! 

Next show is 18. It has to  live to the maturing age of the name including finding Tina since we're getting bored by some regular faces already.


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