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We shall regulate churches, MPs vow

A section of parliamentarians in Kenya have vowed to come up with a bill to regulate operations of churches in the country. 
Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma speaks during a fundraiser to build a new church for St Peter's Kiio Catholic Church in Mwingi West. He said Parliament will enact laws to regulate churches as reports of rogue preachers are reported in several parts of the country./MWINGI TIMES

Through the caucus of the Catholic MPs, the legislators said time has come for the church to be regulated to ensure there is order and good governance of the church. 

Led by the caucus Secretary General Dr. John Chikati (MP Tongaren),  the MPs faulted the church for growth of immortality and cultism.  
Tongaren MP Dr John Murumba Chikati faulted a section of church leaders for spearheading cultism and immorality. He called for churches to play a crucial role as the moral campass of the society./MWINGI TIMES

The MPs were speaking during a fundraiser to build a new church for St. Peter's Kiio Catholic Parish in Mwingi West constituency.  

"The church must stand. We have not seen the voice of the church. Investigation should go beyond police investigations. We need a commission of inquiry into the Shakahola massacre," said Dr. Chikati

He added: "We want want to know what went on at Shakahola. The Police cannot investigate themselves. Where were they when people were being killed and burried at Shakahola? Where were the chiefs and their assistants?," he posed. "As Catholic MPs we want to go the route of inquiry to unearth what really transpired".

His sentiments were echoed by Peter Kaluma (Homa Bay) who is also the group's legal adviser. "Time has come for Parliament led by Catholic MPs. Watapeli wanatuambia jina la Mungu tutawaweka kando," the ODM legislator vowed. 
"As National Assembly we are on top of toes to ensure the truth is unraveled. Mtu  asiamke asubuhi aseme yeye ni pastor. The Parliament will ensure the church is regulated, said the lawmaker for Lari Kahangara MburuOn his part the MP for Yatta Robert Basil said, "Watu waende masomo wawe wako na qualification ambayo inahitajika."

But Kitui MP Dr. Makali Mulu lamented that even as the MPs get on top gear to put a stopper on the rogue churches, there is a challenge of enforcing the many laws that are passed by the  country's legislature. 

"The country is not short of laws. Enforcement is the problem, " he decried while calling on  lawmakers to ensure what happened at Shakahola should never be repeated. 

The event was attended by 14 lawmakers drawn from across the country led by area MP Charles Ngusya Nguna. Others present were Kitui Women Representative Dr. Irene Kasalu,  Kitui Speaker Kevin Katisya and area MCA Anthony Musyoka among others. 


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