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The return of Zainabu worsens Tobi's prospects with Konsah

Zainabu looks disturbed and traumatized after she was evicted in Baraza's posh residence. The eviction put the life of Tobi in danger who appears to have moved on although still undecided on who between Konsah and Zainabu ought to be his partner.
Zainabu (R) confides in Tobi about a plan to kill him. But there's a trust deficit given that his poverty worked against him when she was "keeping him" in Baraza's posh place. /BRATHE

But this being #BRATHEseries, after all, Sammy knows better. It is Konsah who cooks delicious mandazas. The way to a man's heart is through the stomach. That's a patented truth. Ahaha!

The biggest star in the 15th episode, to us, is Zainabu. This is because she is the one who has "stolen" Tobi from Konsah and comes to reveal Baraza's mission to eliminate her former lover. The estranged couple has uncomfortable moments with Sammy Kioko who is oblivious that he is the obstruction of their reunion. 

The reality of this drama is that men always know their mbogi's real deal. That's why Sammy appears to have a revelation that Zainabu may not be up to something good. 

That's because the poor Tobi is in an unstable balance of power which is not in his favour. He cannot afford grooming and can only eat dry bread as lunch time passes by in bed.

The conundrum of Tina's whereabouts is not yet solved. Zainabu lost both  her Mubaba Baraza boyfriend and Tobi.

But one interesting thing to ponder is Zainabu's renewed interest in Tobi. Will they survive the onslaught from pistol-wielding Baraza? Only time will tell. 


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