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Kelma Farm and Orchard provides a handsome source of income, gives me heartfelt satisfaction-CEO Mbiti

Good morning KELMA FARM CEO Kelvin Mbiti and thanks for the opportunity for us visiting your farm and orchard today.
KELMA FARM CEO Kelvin Mbiti checking on how everything is going on at his shamba.
1. What drove you to agribusiness in this region given the challenges such as lack of water?
I had an unreserved passion, determination and zeal to address climate change, food security and livelihood. 
This is also an area that most people are both and overlooking and undermining to venture in but there are a lot of unexplored opportunities. 
2. On environmental conservation, in your Special Report with the MWINGI TIMES, you said that you indirectly help the County Government of Kitui clean Mwingi town. Has your efforts led to any reforms of street families some of who engage in petty theft and other illegal conduct?
I can confidently say yes because street families collect empty packets of milk for me for pay. A 90kg sack of empty milk packets carries as many as 2,800 pcs approximately. I appreciate them with KSh1,000 which is equivalent to 10 US Dollars. They are very active and currently able to collect two sacks per week by so doing that they are able to put a meal on their table and meet other household expenses. 
They confess how they are kept busy and sorted out to avoid social vices such as theft cases, begging, harassing people on streets etc.
Keenly loading croton, Neem (mwarobaine) and Senna semia outside KELMA FARM ready to be distributed to 17 secondary schools and 5 secondary schools in Mumoni and Thagicu Sub-Counties respectively in November 2022. KELMA FARM was awarded the tender by Equity Bank.

3. Of the 11 schools you're partnering with KCB bank in curbing climate change, we noted that most are in Kyuso Ward yet Mwingi North has other wards that are not captured there. Any plans to roll out to other areas or you're mainly concentrating on Kyuso Ward?
To be very specific we have partnered with KCB Bank Kyuso branch and there are phases of implementation. The first one we have supplied 100 tree seedlings to 11 schools in the vicinity. We have come up with a proposal that is awaiting approval. Once approved it will capture the larger Mwingi North learning institutions. 
4. What lessons have upcoming farmers learnt from your farm and orchard? Have they replicated the same in their areas?
Determination,patience and persistence is paramount for success to be realized. 
We have a lot of untapped and unutilized local resources, farm land, man power, solar energy, water, empty milk packets, mango seeds just to mention but a few. 
A few have borrowed the leaf and have commenced utilizing the untapped and unutilized local resources mentioned herein above. They have replicated some ideas from my farm especially after they saw me earn income from it e.g. selling tree seedlings and vegetables etc.
5.How do you manage crop pests and diseases that are common in arid and semi-arid regions like ours
I usually manage pests and diseases organically and natural ways that are both environment and safe to mankind. I mean that I avoid use of chemicals because they have side effects to mankind. I intensively research and engage agricultural officers for technical inputs where need be. 
6. How has the investment in this work of smart farming helped you personally?-socially and economically.
I can proudly say it has opened a lot of avenues with a lot of like-minded people, institutions and organisations for example Equity Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) just to mention but a few. 
My social life has been full of bliss and heartfelt satisfaction because I'm doing what I am determined, passionate and zealous to do.
Let me confess that it has been a handsome source of income and development for Kelma Farm and Orchard. 
KCB staff from the Nairobi headquarters and Kyuso Branch visited KELMA in home  December last year. They have a partnership of planting 1100 trees in Mwingi North Sub County.

7.You employ about 20 youths in your farm.What is your advice to the millions of educated youths who are unemployed and idling in towns tarmacking?
I can boldly and confidently advice them to venture in agriculture which has unutilized and untapped resources and opportunities. There is always a ready market for farm produce which is hard to be satisfied. They need to shift their minds from searching for  white collar jobs in offices and instead wholeheartedly engage themselves in agriculture as I have and they will excel in life. 
8.Where do you come from? Your academic specialisation.
Kelvin Mbiti Muneeni is from Kanzinwa village, Mbarani sub-location, Kanzinwa location, Mumoni Sub-County, Mwingi North, Kitui County in Kenya. 
I trained as a P1 teacher and I hold a Bachelors degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi (UoN). I did other short courses that complement my life skills. 
9. How has KCB bank improved the financial literacy of KELMA team? Any other capacity building plans ? 
-KCB Bank has really helped Kelma Farm and Orchard in financial literacy, financial record keeping and financial support where need be. I mobilized KCB Bank to more than 10 registered groups in Mumoni Sub-County, a thing that has already happened. I have done a detailed and mega proposal to the same identify about tree planting in Mwingi North, its waiting approval from the relevant authority. 
Kelma Farm management team is determined to train as many people as they can especially youths in tree seedlings germination, propagation and planting. We are determined to generate and plant over 2 Million tree seedlings by 2027. 
10. What plans have the selected schools made in sustaining the trees donated? Do they have enclosed compounds? Do they have capacity to provide water and manage the trees because sometimes livestock can decimate a very noble undertaking like this and demotivate stakeholders.
All the 11 selected schools have proved worthy to be issued with 100 tree seedlings because:-
-They all have demarcated and fenced their school compound
-They had already commenced planting tree seedlings on their own before we engaged them.
-They have adequate and reliable water sources and they have strategic plans in place on how to take care of the issued tree seedlings. 
11.Do you provide mentorship programmes to interested businesses and individuals on matters farming and orchards?
Yes. Kelma Farm both skilfully and intensively provides mentorship program at an affordable fee. 
12. What's your take about event management in the region? We understand that you do outside catering for guests who are invited by various hosts.
Event management in our region is a neglected area of development. Kelma Kitchen Masters came into being to provide up to standard, sumptuous delicacies, entertainment, refreshment and event organizing and management. We have all it takes to manage and perfect any social gathering event. 

Thank you.


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