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I had no other option left except leaving -Tina

"Whose baby is it? Mine or Alex's?" This is the lingering question Sammy Kioko ponders as he is torn between his obedience for brother's wise counsel and Tina's shaky and absent love, if it ever was.
Tina (left) with her friend Zainabu in an earlier Episode in BRATHEseries. She is the centre of controversy following her alleged swapping Tobi and Alex over pregnancy she decided to keep a secret./FILE 

We at MWINGI TIMES ENTERTAINMENT don't know for sure the next plot twist but are convinced that Tina's absence must be up to something.

What is beyond repair is the tattered disunity of Zainabu and Mubaba Baraza. Having sworn to kill her, she better leave his high-end house which he keeps reminding everyone who cares to listen that it is not Uhuru Park.

Earlier, Baraza would pace around the living room questioning Zainabu and Sammy if the house is "even safe". Paranoia.

Having known how slippery his friend is with women, Sammy cautions  Tobi not to play games with  Konsah. He rightly says that no woman does favours to men for free. That was with reference to him eating maandazi and Konsah cooking for Tobi and helping him stretch his injured arm.

That's why Zainabu has a real reason to believe that hii imeenda. She's the most authentic of all #BRATHESERIES actors. She'd laugh in dead serious talks and still comfort a man who was beaten up by another man while pursuing her. She's a trophy.

In her call from undisclosed location, Tina tells Sammy that she ran out of options to stay in her father's posh residences hence her eventual departure. But she hangs up when asked who the father of the baby she's carrying.


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