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CEPHAS MUTAI:Hat-trick Lessons from Achraf Hakimi Divorce

Hakimi is a Moroccan footballer who plays as a right back at the Ligue 1 richest club PSG. He actually scored the winning goal in a penalty shoot-out against Spain in the Round of 16, thus securing a place Morocco in the quarter finals
Hakimi and his mother Sadia Mouth (left) and Hakimi wife Hiba Abouk(right).

In fact, his team became the first African team to reach FIFA World Cup semifinals since its founding, ninety-three years ago. That is not why we are here though. Recently, Hakimi’s wife Hiba filed a divorce and she wanted the courts to award her half of the super star’s wealth only to discover he doesn’t own much.

To Hiba’s shock, it was discovered that the footballer in question had put all his wealth in his mother’s name. It is said that he actually asks for money from his mom whenever he wants to go shopping. 

As if that was not enough, since the wife happened to be the richer one in the relationship, she now has to share her own wealth with Hakimi.

This story drew mixed reactions from both men and women. Majority of men sided with the PSG right back terming him a genius tactician on how she tackled the offensive Hiba’s shot on his wealth. Women were however underwhelmed by this boy’s move. 

The stand taken by both genders are justified. For the boy child, it seems to be a huge win as many men have fallen victims of divorces having to pay large figures as alimony. For the women, it appeared to be a great injustice considering that they have almost always emerged victorious after the determination of divorce cases. 

Men actually went ahead and praised the star for being the first man to defeat a woman with the help of another woman in history. Some interesting school lines of men vs women in history after fulltime whistle:
Adam 0:1 Eve, Joseph 0:1 Potiphar’s wife, Esau 0:1 Rebecca, Samson 0:1 Delilah until recently when we have witnessed Hakimi 1:0 Hiba(wife).

So here are the moral lessons from our local boy Achraf Hakimi. Men that shall keep the lesson may prosper, but that shall ignore it must perish and they will be the architects of their own undoing.

Avoid Older Women
No young man should ever make a mistake of getting into a relationship with an older woman. The repercussions are always apocalyptic. Of course it is very much in order for a young woman to get married or be in a relationship with an elderly man. A man who gets into a relationship with an older woman will end up being dominated.

Naturally, females can only respect men they look up to. This implies that, for a man to survive in such an arrangement, he must be superior to her in all aspects including but not limited to finances, physique, intelligence, social status, sexual experience and also life experience and that is where the age comes in. 

Whenever a man gets married to an older woman, the lady is very much likely to not see him as a man, but more of a son or a little brother. This creates a room for the man to be looked down upon, belittled at every turn because it is unnatural for women to respect anyone she deems beneath her. With women, you are either above or below her, there is no middle ground.

Actually what they mean by gender equality is to be above the other gender. So you should be careful with such philosophy from feminists.

Never Abandon Your Parents
Secondly, Hakimi has taught the boy child that it is okay to always put the breast that gave you life first over the breast that gives you pleasure. What men must know is this, of all creatures that breath and walk upon the earth, nothing is bred is weaker than man. The only woman who will ever love you unconditionally is your mother. Even her, she loves you because you are her son. 

There is nothing as unconditional love. There is always some vested interest. Everyone comes with their own set of rules of engagement, or rather, terms and conditions, failure to meet them you are thrown under the bus.
Achraf Hakimi at PSG,  his Ligue 1 club.

A woman who comes into your life and tries to create a rift between you and your mother must be avoided at all cost. Such women will try to shame you for loving your mother, to a point of shaming you as mama’s boy. This is always a calculated move to draw you away from your mother so that they can get exclusive rights to manipulate you. Any woman who doesn’t like your mother or your mother finds hard to put up with, just avoid her. It takes a woman to know one. There are certain things you may be oblivious to, due to excess dopamine as a result of infatuation or just simply by being a “Kinuthia”. Your mum will clearly smell such thing from a mile away. 

Marriage is a Business Strategy for the Modern Woman
Finally, it is clear that nowadays marriage is nothing more than a business strategy to gain wealth. Objectively, marriage has never been about love for women, it is always about survival. People out there love opportunistically.  Love is never enough reason to get married. A woman must consider finances, career, influence, social status before a man’s character. No woman will marry you for who you are but what you have to offer. 

As a man, never fall for that bullshit called “true love”. Such a thing doesn’t exist. It is always about something you have that can help her survive better.  Only a mother can love a son that much. For two grown up strangers, it is about understanding.

Marriage is an economic contract; love is just a marketing scheme.
Marriage has never been about love. As a matter of fact, the marriages based on love hardly go past 1000 days. Reason being they are built on foundation of lies and fantasy. For the doubting Thomases you can all go to a divorce court and see if any woman will ever as for the love she gave you back. All they ask for, is half of the man’s resources, because that is what marriage is to a woman.

Securing resources needed for survival
Every woman wants a son like Hakimi but no woman will ever want such a man for a husband. That is how Hakimi earned his “reward football ball” after the “hat-trick”.

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