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Globally we deforest around ten million hectares of forest every year. Around half of this deforestation is offset by regrowing forests, so overall we lose around five million hectares each year.
 Kelma Farm and Orchard worker loading varied tree seedlings to be distributed into 11 respective secondary schools.

Of 14.9 billion hectares of land on the planet, only 71% of it is habitable the other 29% is either covered by ice and glaciers, or is barren land such as deserts, salt flats or dunes. 10,000 years ago 57% of the world’s habitable land was covered by forest. That’s 6 billion hectares.  Today, only 4 billion hectares are left. The world has lost one-third of its forest an area twice the size of the United States. 
Melia volkensi locally known as Mukao trees seedlings at Kelma Farm and Orchard. We give out one at a throw-away-price of KSh100. We have over 4,000  seedlings at our nursery.

Africa is the second largest Continent on earth and has a very diverse of ecosystem. About 22% of the African continent is  occupied by forests and woodlands, an estimated 650 million hectares of Africa’s land area according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (the FAO). This also plays a large role on the global screen accounting for about 17% of the total global forest cover.
Yellow passion trees seedlings at Kelma Farm and Orchard. We have over 5,000 pcs in our nurseries.

Despite the fact that a very small percentage of the forest is protected, Africa’s forest area still plays a very important role in the provision of resources, from a human standpoint, and it is a reservoir of great biological diversity within its ecological landscapes. With the World’s per capital forest cover standing at 0.6 ha per person, Africa has a higher per capital forest cover of 0.8 ha per person.

Kenya’s tree cover now stands at 12.13 per cent while forest cover is at 8.83 per cent up from 5.9 percent of 2018, the National Forest Resources Assessment (NFRA) Report 2021 states. Within these percentages are 7,180,000.66 hectares, where up to 37 counties out of the 47 (79 per cent) have a tree cover percentage great­er than 10 percent. 
Magnifera indica or mango tree seedlings at Kelma Farm and Orchard. We have over 5,000 trees at our nursery, one seedling goes for KSh100 for the not grafted and 150/= those that are grafted.

The 15 billion Tree Planting Initiative established by His Excellency President William Ruto sets Kenya apart as Global leader in Climate Protection. Under this program, the government intends to plant at least 15 billion trees in urban and rural areas across the country, with a focus on promoting reforestation, agroforestry and afforestation. 

We Kelma Farm and Orchard are forefront change agents in advocating, empowering and capacity building the larger society in importance of  tree planting.
Croton tree seedlings at Kelma Farm and Orchard. We have over 3,800 tree seedlings at our nursery. One seedling goes for KSh50 transport exclusive.

In the month of April 2023 we have supplied over 10,000 tree seedlings to respective individuals and institutions and on top of that we have donated over 2,000 varied tree seedlings to respective individuals and institutions. We still have over 40,000 varied trees seedlings species. Hurry up and be part of positive national and global statistics about tree planting to cancel the above petrifying and perturbing data. We will not settle for less until we refurbish our universe with serenity and bliss.
Senna semia locally known as Mivwau or Makengeka at Kelma Farm and Orchard. We have over 5,000 tree seedlings. We sell one at a pocket friendly price of KSh50.

Contact us here to place your orders for various tree seedlings: 0703205249 and 0720917512.

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