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The plight of youths in search of love

Sad tales, silence and sameness. This is the plight of young people looking for love as depicted in BRATHE SERIES EPISODE 11.
Tobi listens as Konsah narrates her ordeal in a toxic relationship that left her battered and her leg amputated./BRATHE

Konsah, a new cast in the show comes to visit Tobit, who has not showered for days because he fractured his hand and is on a strap. 

That is besides being missed by a bullet from Mzee Baraza, the real moneyed Mbaba.

Being from a toxic relationship, Konsah's story, if true, shows the lengths we go in the name of love and all in vain.

She blames a violent drunkard for her amputated leg. But she chose life as she had an infection after accident. Hard life, this.

The show generally casts simps as powerless and hanging on the thread of mercy from Tina, Zainabu and now, Konsah.

Let's wait for EPISODE 12 for unraveling of where Tina went since there's a lady in buibui coming and going while playing mind games with Sammy Kioko.

See you Friday 10am sharp.


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