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Onset of long rains expected this week with some areas of Kitui to experience heavy rains

With the onset of March-April-May long rains season, several regions in the expansive Kitui County are expected to have rains of various amounts.
A seven day rain forecast for Kitui County running from March 21 to 27, 2023/Kenya Meteorological Department 

A weekly weather forecast prepared by the Kenya Meteorological Department shows that Mwingi North Sub County will have the highest amount of downpour.

The highest amount of rains in the county are expected to be in Mumoni ward of Mwingi North Sub County. The Met Department says that it will have heavy rains this week. This will happen on Tuesday. There are expected moderate rains in Tharaka Ward which neighbours Mumoni and Tseikuru.

Kitui County Director of Meteorology Mr Daniel Mbithi said that Ngomeni Ward will experience moderate rains on Tuesday. The moderate rains will continue up to Saturday. That will then usher in light rains on Sunday and Monday.

As for Kyuso Ward, the Met Department forecast that there will be heavy rains experienced on Tuesday. After the heavy rains, moderate  and light rains will fall as the week progresses.

"Tseikuru Ward will experience moderate rains on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It will also get light rains on Sunday and Monday ", said Mr Daniel Mbithi, the county Meteorological Department boss. Tseikuru Ward experienced heavy rains of 88mm last night. The rains started at around 930pm and last for hours.
The onset of March-April-May rains in Tseikuru Ward, Mwingi North Sub County on March 21, 2023. The season has kicked in at a high note./MWINGI TIMES 

A number of areas of Kiomo Division in Mwingi  West Sub County received some rains last night. Kangondi area in Mutonguni Ward received 17mm of rain last night. Nguutani area in the same sub county had heavy rains overnight.

Mbithi advised farmers to take advantage of the forecast and make sure they are through with planting by March 30, 2023.


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