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MARY KANANA NTEERE: We need leaders willing to sacrifice for Kenya to move forward

The situation our country is in right now is not good. We need to slow down and stop blame games on who said what and who did what. Who said what and did what is long gone and we cannot bring that back.
President William Ruto (R) and Azimio La Umoja Principal Raila Odinga./FILE

We must ask ourselves, is the current state of affairs good for our country, Kenya?

If not, then without blaming anyone, we should come out as a United People and condemn both sides (Government and Opposition) by telling them to stop the nonsense and focus on what is best for this nation.

What people should realize is that human beings are self-centred and only seek things that will personally benefit them and their families. They forget friends very fast unless they can use the allies to protect them. 

Nobody should lie to you that they are Jesus Christ. Jesus was God in human body. Those roaming this world are children of Adam and Eve. 

Therefore, fighting one another benefits no one but brings suffering and death.

What I am saying is none in the Kenya Kwanza, Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Coalition or any other formation will ever play the role of Jesus. 

So let us not expect saints from mortal men and women. After elections, it's time to move forward and develop the nation.

Destroying what we have built over the many years proves even to God we are immature and childish. Because of this kind of behavior God kept the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years, a journey of 40 days. They suffered, died and the old generation perished in the wilderness. 

After their demise, it is then when God moved forward, Joshua being in charge that they crossed the Jordan river into the promised land.

Let us learn from the Israelites, their journey from Egypt and across the Jordan river.

A time has come when we should tell our people the truth. And the truth is getting focused and developing ourselves.

South Korea, Singapore and many other Tiger economies did not develop by frequent fighting. Their basis of fast growth was through honesty, trust and sacrifice. We should cultivate these values to our citizens.

We therefore need leaders who are honest, trustworthy and a people willing to sacrifice for Kenya to move forward.

For now, whatever divide one belongs, it's the high time we sober up and think positively for the betterment of our beloved country, Kenya.


Ms NTEERE is the Chairperson of Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Meru County Chapter

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