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Man dies after electrocution in Tseikuru

A middle-aged man was struck by high voltage electricity while planting during the ongoing March -April-May long rains on Monday March 27, 2023.
Kenya Power staff in a farm during their normal field work in a photo posted on June 11, 2022 on its Facebook page. A man from Tseikuru district in Kitui County died on March 27, 2023 as he ploughed a farm in Kalimani village. It is believed he hit an underground cabling that killed him instantly on electrocution./KENYA POWER CARE

Mr Muema Muisyo was electrocuted during the morning hours as he ploughed a shamba in Kalimani sub location of Tseikuru Ward, Kitui County. He was contracted to work in Mr Mutio Mwanza's farm who is an uncle to the late Muisyo.

"He was struck and died on the spot", said a resident familiar with the unfortunate incident.

Tseikuru residents interviewed by MWINGI TIMES have called upon the government to ensure people are informed about proper ways of managing risks associated with installing electric cables in their district. They also called upon owners of properties to restrict movements of people around "dangerous areas" within their premises.

In a story published by last month, Electrical Engineer James Oguttu said that underground cabling requires high safety standards since you are dealing with high voltage cables.
"You will find that you are  interacting with high voltage cables underground which is very hazardous" he told the digital newspaper saying that is the reason Kenya Power does overhead cabling for most areas it connects in Kenya.

Eng Oguttu added that there is a certain depth a technician should lay the cable and advanced insulation.


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