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INSPIRATION from Interior CS, Prof Kithure Kindiki, the first ever Minister from Tharaka Community

Prof Kithure Kindiki has taken much limelight as the Interior Cabinet Secretary with many polls ranking him at the top of his colleagues in the Cabinet in the performance of his duties. He has a rich Curriculum Vitae to boot, and which should be an inspiration to many upcoming young Kenyans and leaders.
Interior CS Prof Kithure Kindiki./Courtesy 

Prof Kindiki is highly learned, published, travelled, and is an international researcher of refute. He has advised many international and national organizations including being a Cohesion Secretary in the Justice Ministry in 2008. 

I have personally grown and benefitted immensely under such inspiration from the Professor and his wider family who always inspired me to study hard and become a professor like them. The first time I came across the professor was in 2003 at Nyangumi stadium where the late former President Mwai Kibaki had visited Tharaka. One of the councilors then, called Kiriinkome rose to speak and wondered why Tharaka despite having many highly educated sons and daughters like the Kindiki Professors, was not getting high ranking jobs in the public service. He requested that the Kindiki Professors and others stand up and if my memory serves me right, it was only the Kindiki brothers who were Doctorate degree holders in the meeting from Tharaka. I was in dais with them as a campaigner for Prof Isaiah Kindiki who was then laying ground for his candidature for Tharaka Member of Parliament seat in 2007.
The internationally renowned lawyer has been applying his philosophical ideologies to address the concerns of the Internal Security sector. We can see the fruits and hence the rationale as to why the President gave him the current role. But first things first. Prof Kindiki is the first ever minister from the Tharaka community since independence. We have grown up craving to see a minister or cabinet secretary from our neighbourhood and this desire and dream was fulfilled through Prof Kindiki.  Prior to his appointment, Tharaka community had only produced assistant ministers. The first Tharaka MP, the late Hon James Njeru Gituriandu, was once an assistant Minister for Defense and through him, many defense structures are visible in Tharaka for example bridges. He got an opportunity to serve in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bringing much glory to Tharaka and the region at large.

Turning to Prof Kindiki, management experts have often cited the fact that 100 days into the office of a transformative leader is seen by the first actions and activities that the leader undertakes within those days. In essence, if one doesn’t show signs of transformation in 100 days, you can give them 1000 days and nothing much will come out. 

The new Interior CS has used the first days into office to operationalize massive security reforms, which once fully implemented will bring lasting peace to all parts of the country. The wise have the saying to the effect that it is the small things that matter and bring bigger impacts in life. That is why the Bible in Song of Solomon 2: 15 says “catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, for our vineyards are in bloom”. 

The policy direction towards equipping and staffing the chiefs as the foremost face of national government administration and the requirement for them to display service charters prominently in their offices addresses many things, key of which are: firstly quick response to crime through their own set of soldiers; secondly, the increased motivation to address local crime since they have reliable set of soldiers; thirdly, displaying of service charters is a key performance contracting objective, which requires that citizens are sensitized on levels of service offered in any public office and the applicable charges if any and the timelines for delivery of such services.

Chiefs and officers working under them will be reminded of their obligations and timelines daily and as such, they will have to be innovative in order to deliver as per the performance contract. Performance contracting has been with the public service since 2004 and as such, the Interior CS has just reinforced the same to the local administrators.

Security is one of the enablers or foundations for the achievement of Kenya Vision 2030 and the CS efforts will ensure it lasts longer. Still, the academic and life achievements of Prof Kindiki should inspire all and sundry to work hard, be focused and trust God for bigger things in life, no matter where one comes from.

My association with the Kindikis pushed my imaginations for success far and wide. The father to the CS once told me how he was brought up in too much poverty, he was despised by people, no one wanted to associate with him. He grew up, joined the church, educated his children and the rest is history. Parents can trust the process and educate their children with the hope that through them, their lives will not be the same again.  Through Prof Kindiki, we Tharaka community and the marginalized communities have broken the chains that have held us for centuries and the future can only get better. Let us have optimism. Let all know and have the confidence to face future and the present. 


Dr Mutegi Giti is an Urban Management, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) & Environment Specialist

Twitter: @DanielGiti

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