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BRATHE exposes the dangers of having multiple partners in a relationship

IN a subtle caution against the risks of having multiple sexual partners, Sammy Kioko warns Tobi that it's good they go get tested for a Sexually Transmitted Infection since their discussion points to the same suspicious direction.
A screen grab from BRATHE SERIES EPISODE 12 showing Zainabu listening to Tobi. She apologized for the problems he went through although she laughed it off casting doubts on her sincerity./BRATHE

The plot's mystery leaves much to imagination. However, that appears to be water under the bridge as Tobi moved on from the Zainabu affair he shared with Mr Baraza, a wealthy Mbaba who is Tina's father on set. Welcome to #BRATHESERIES, the twelfth episode.

What we know from MWINGI TIMES ENTERTAINMENT is that Zainabu is forcing things. Two, Alex is still struggling to speak for himself since he comes off as unconvincing and doesn't inspire confidence.

Zainabu's error should be forgiven since she was keeping Tobi at great risk, as it were. Now that Tobi has a new catch (Konsah), he thinks Zainabu is past tense. Thankless! 

Zainabu doesn't let go easily as she gives her last shot, thus, "I'm sorry Tobi. Give me another chance". 

The only weakness Zainabu has is that she is very comical. In the middle of a serious business, she can start giggling and this irritates those who don't get her jokes. Somehow.

In trying to chase Baraza, Zainabu lost Tobi to Konsah.  On the other hand, Alex deserves losing both Tina and Konsah.

It's Sammy on the receiving end of this food chain since he is currently "homeless".


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