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Appreciate Black in modelling, says Akim

AKIM, a model and a BSc Nursing student at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology says that modeling for Sub-Saharan Africans should be appreciated
Supermodel Maamuor flaunts his Black complexion with pride.TWITTER/@maamuor

This is because it is a way of preserving our originality.

She said this on Instagram about ½GanG (@maamuor) Supermodel who is proud of his Black 🖤 supremacy. "Some of you need a class on Africanism and our originality. At this age, people still don't appreciate Black....Gaaadmnit....and think looking a little too Brown 🤎 is better.

Please spare some time for intellectual coitus with your story as African".

Followers of MAAMUOR had this to say on Instagram:
@austinpearce3115:@maamuor you're royalty.


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