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ZAINABU: I'LL ask Tobit to forgive me

THE BRATHE series is not as popular as JANESIS. This is according to daily and weekly YouTube views. The sibling's rivalry favours JANESIS.
Baraza warns Zainabu to choose between him and Tobit. Zainabu is likely to lose the young Tobit who loves him at the expense of Baraza, a mbaba sponsoring her expensive and exotic tastes./ BRATHE

MWINGI TIMES talked to some of the ardent followers of the Sammy Kioko shows and sought to find out the reason why.

Some readers said that Tobi's role best suits Tom. Tom Daktari is not in this show. But the celebrity appearance may have spiced up things for the Ukambani filmmaker.

However, so far, Tobi has put a commendable display in pairing with Sammy hence the title BRATHE. 

They both confide to each other on their life's going on. They are an epitome of what brotherhood is all about.

Plus it appears to us that Tom Daktari had his Facebook page hacked, allegedly. That's because he had to create another one and apologize to his fans of the bad turn of events.

In keeping with his BRATHE charm, Sammy Kioko marketed Tom but not without a chide. He referred him as a mbaba.

While we wish all these actors best, we laud today's episode by casting flashback well. The audience didn't know that all these past shows that Tobi was being kept by Zainabu and Baraza , the real mbaba was paying the bills and giving her a car, clothes and glittering image.
A depressed Tobit washes his face in readiness for a jogging exercise meant to forget his girlfriend Zainabu. With him is Sammy Kioko, his brathe bringing him up to speed about what is Brocode on matters dating a "rich" girlfriend./BRATHE

The fifth episode ends by Tobi kosanaring with Zainabu.  We wish the relationship fails because of it succeeds, it will be a bad precedence set that young people can cheat their way to opulence and fame, fortune.


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