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Work for Malombe's top appointees begins

The long awaited journey has finally began where the long-time 10 nominated County Executive Committee Members were sworn in today to start their work and serve the people of the county and the 22 Chief Officers sign the code of conduct and ethics which has been conducted by the Kitui Magistrate Justine Amoro Asiago in the ceremony that took place in the Governor's office compound.
Kitui governor Dr Julius Malombe's new administration has taken shape by the swearing in of his CECMs and COs. MWINGI TIMES/Josphine Mwende

The Kitui county people have been questioning the delay of the nominees loading the blame to the County Assembly Committee with their Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya for taking too long completing their part and releasing those names of the nominees to the Governor for swearing in.

Among the 26 nominated officers 22 of them have been appointed in the ceremony whereby the other 4 officers have their cases held by the court and the governor is waiting for the conclusions from the court to appoint those four remaining chief officers.
In his speech governor noted that they were given seven days and which ended  and they are applying for the case to be dismissed, that's why they are is a gap for the four chief officers. 

"Those 4 officers were appointed by the former governor and they claimed that they were nominated permanent  and pensionable and that's why they went to the court to claim their contract", he commented.


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