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TOBIT, the master simp loses girlfriend to a mubaba

TOBIT did two consequential blunders simultaneously.
 FEAR WOMEN: Tobit (centre) is attacked by Baraza as Zainabu begs him to stop. She's playing both in BRATHE Series Episode 7/BRATHE 

Against the advice of BRATHE Sammy, he went back to Zainabu who had cheated on him with Baraza, a mubaba.

Secondly, Tobit simps. He went back to apologize for a mistake he never did. 

Being poor is a nasty second name. All this was to return back to a furnished apartment which was being paid for by the tall, dark, old mubaba.

In his "own home", Tobit is voiceless. His opinion doesn't matter. He is not supposed to ventilate anything however disgruntled.

He almost got killed by Baraza. It's time he runs out of the spacious suite that also hosts Sammy and Tina, another unhappy couple.

Both share one fundamental truth: a man has to be a man. Stop simping and trust your gut instincts. 

Being in love is a nice thing. But being the laughing stock is the worst neighbors can ever come to know of you when the doorbell rings.

" [You should have] said I am your brother so that I am not killed. You don't care for me. My life was in danger. 

[In a monologue] Fear houses of ladies who live alone", Sammy Kioko tells Tina, who is double dealing him already claiming she can explain because "it's complicated ".


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