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Mbeere man dies after defying witch doctor's instructions

A 40-year-old man in Mogasha area, SiakagoMbeere North Sub County in Embu County has died after allegedly failing to respect orders he was given by a witch doctor who as family they had engaged for services after a motorcycle  theft  incident.
A witch doctor prepares to attend to a client./COURTESY 

It all started when the deceased ,Daniel Ngare motorcycle was stolen on February 9th while at home and immediately made a report at Siakago police station and he was given Occurrence Book no 09/09/02/2023.

Not satisfied even after reporting the theft incident in a police station, the family according to a police report seen by MWINGI TIMES, decided to engage witch doctor known as Collins Kech from Kisumu County so that he can assist them recover the lost motorcycle.

The witch doctor visited the family on 14th this month and at around 11;30 am he performed his "miracle" and told the family members that results would be out in three hours.

At the same time after performing the antics, he instructed all those who were present when he was performing the miracle that no one was allowed to take alcohol or leave the compound until the three hours lapses.

The witcher did  not disclose the possible consequences should one defy his orders.

2:30pm was the time when the order would expire.
The witch doctor then left for Kisumu after the strict instructions .

However, when the wife to the deceased's brother Christine Nzula came from seeing off the visitor she found out that David Ngare in company other family Elkana Muthomi had left the compound to unknown destination contrary to the instructions that had been issued by the witch doctor.

The deceased's brother Daniel Ireri then called his brother Ngare and Muthomi who had disappeared to know their whereabouts but none of them picked up the phone.

Daniel then went out to Katito shopping centre to check on the two but he did not find them.
He then called a bodaboda rider to take him to the BAT area in search of the two but slightly before reaching BAT they met a man not known to Daniel riding a motorcycle that he had bought after losing the other one to thieves .

It is said that the rider was well-known to the deceased since they were agemates.

Using the the two motorcycles, they moved to Mwondu centre where they found David Ngare and Elkana Muthomi helpless and unable to talk.

Ngare was half naked.
''Using the two motorcycles ,the two were ferried back home though they were very weak and had to be tied on the motorcycle for support,''the police report read.

While at home the sister in-law to the deceased Christine Nzula called the witch doctor to "intervene" and  the witch doctor demanded extra Sh 20,000 which was immediately sent through his MPESA.

However he said it was late and only Elkana Muthoni responded positively with Ngare succumbing.

The body of the deceased was taken to Embu Level Five Hospital Mortuary as investigations continue.

The family never got to recover the stolen motorbike, a reporter with direct knowledge of the development intimated to us.


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