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JAPHETH: All my drawings impress me

MWINGI TIMES: When did you realize that you can draw? Is it a born talent or learnt?
Japheth Mwinzi Muthui, a BSc Microbiology student at JKUAT and a fine artist.

JAPHETH MUTHUI: I realized around 2015 when in I was in high school. It's a born talent

2. What's your official name and where do you come from? 

My full name is Japheth Mwinzi Muthui. I come from Kitui county, Mwingi North constituency, Tseikuru ward.

3.Which drawing has impressed you the most?

 Why? All my drawings impress me because I see them as a chance to improvement that's when i will sharpen up my talent.
A drawing by Japheth 

4. Where do you study?

I study in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.  Funny enough, I take a Bachelor of Science [BSc] in Microbiology which is not related to my drawing talent but I give both a chance in my life.

5. Have you done exhibition for your art?

Not yet I haven't done any exhibition.

Mr Muthui tells MWINGI TIMES that his talent is in born and he started drawing in 2015 when he was in high school.

6. If I want to buy the variety of drawings you make, how can I contact you

You can contact me through 0797090069 and on instagram @gerfedh.miller 

7. Is there any prominent leader in Mwingi who has shown interest in your art?

Not yet but  I am sure when time comes they will.

8.Describe the type of art that you do. The kind of artist you are

I can draw animations and recently working to draw real people when anyone asks me to. 

9. What do your friends and family say about this hobby of yours?

They always give me hope and tell me its amazing and I can do great

10. Do you have future plans for drawing after graduation

Yes after graduation I can decide to some commercialization of my art to give it a shot.

11. Do you mentor youth interested in art?

 Yes I do mentor them and some do great art than mine. I am happy when i see it.

12.Have you encountered any controversy in your work...such as a drawing that a customer didn't like or a person who said the image that you created was not a representation of their faces? 

Yes, but it comes as an encouragement from them. For example a person can say its great drawing and gives the area I need to sharpen up like the sharpening of his or her eyes, the ears etc. 
Japheth's own drawing 

13. Who do you look up to in your career and art?

 😄No one it just popped up from nowhere.

Thank you.

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