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Former Embu UDA senatorial aspirant David Kariuki among those listed for CAS post

Former Embu UDA senatorial aspirant David Kariuki is among the big names shortlisted for the position of the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS).
David Kariuki who vied for Embu senatorial seat in last year's general elections and lost shakes hands with President William Ruto during the campaign trail. Kariuki has been nominated as a Chief Administrative Secretary. MWINGI TIMES/Brian Musyoka 

Kariuki, a staunch supporter of President William Ruto came second to Alexander Mundigi in Embu senatorial race after garnering more that 55,000 votes.

The last general election had its fair share of political drama witnessed both at the national and county levels.In his inaugural speech during the bicameral sitting of the two houses on Thursday 28th, October, President Ruto acknowledged Kenya's democratic space had come of age allowing every eligible Kenyan to try their luck in politics without caring who supported who.He was quick though to say that some things "only happen in Kenya".This was in reference to his boss decision to support the Opposition party candidate Raila Odinga for presidency instead of him who served as his deputy whom they had formed the Jubilee government together.

The bicameral sitting burst into uncontrollable laughter perhaps due to the extraordinary nature of that political development.

At the county level, a similar development was recorded where governors preferred  to support different candidates instead of their deputies to succeed them.In Embu, the story was a peculiar one.Retired  governor Martin Nyaga Wambora decided to compete against  his deputy for the Senatorial position.The deputy had  expressed interest in the county senator position quite early and his boss had allegedly agreed to support him.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, Wambora also decided to run for the same position setting the stage for a unprecedented  collision between the boss and his assistant. Kariuki run on  UDA party ticket while his boss, Umoja na Maendeleo party.

Before becoming Deputy Governor, Kariuki had served as the chief executive officer of Winas co-operative sacco society sacco limited in Embu for many years."Kenya's future is in the Saccos and Small and Micro Enterprises sectors.Don't look any futher.I have been there  many years and I know the potential " Kariuki says.

In 2021, he made up his mind to run as senator in the 2022 general elections and "there was no going back".

Together with other leaders, Kariuki engaged in massive UDA membership drive and made the party very popular within the county.This, however, strained his relationship with his boss who was leaning towards Azimio-Oka coalition at the time.Kariuki made it his business to always receive president Ruto, then deputy, in the county during his many visits in the absence of his boss.

Governor and his deputy competing against each other was expected to be dramatic.And it was. Kariuki says one day,  their public address vehicles mounted with powerful speakers stormed  a small market place and it was chaotic. It got messy as Wambora's supporters had to paint his opponents in bad light as they sought votes." My supporters countered in full force.I always reminded them to draw their motivation from what my party boss was going through at the national level and there was no letting go. I must beat my boss in the polls" Kariuki kept reminding his team.

Kariuki who had clinched the UDA party ticket during the hotly contested primaries hoped to capture the position but due to too much pressure from the boss and other competitors, he says, he did not win."Of course my boss could not entertain the thought of being beaten by his junior so he gave the contest his all. It is never  easy campaigning against one's boss in a political contest but it is worth it", Kariuki admits. He floored his boss by garnering 55,823 and Ex-Governor Wambora 13,200 votes.The position was won by a DP party candidate Alexander Mundigi with 81,000 votes.

Kariuki is optimistic that he will have the chance to help his friend, President William Ruto deliver to the people of Kenya.


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