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Chief decries rise in crime in Migwani as drought worsens

Mwingi West Sub County has witnessed a rise in incidents of crime  as drought deteriorates.
Migwani Senior Chief in Mwingi West, Kitui County David Mbosyo distributes relief food at his office on February 2, 2023 to elderly women Yumbya Kavui (centre) and Munyanza Ndai as Kaliluni sub location assistant chief Mutai Musyoka (right) looks on. The County has been receiving depressed rains for the last five seasons, occasioning serious famine/PAUL MUTUA

Speaking during a food distribution exercise, Migwani location senior chief David Mbosyo called upon residents to report incidents of chicken theft to his office.

The administrator singled out two young men who allegedly work with others to defraud residents.  He called upon the victims of crime to follow the laid down procedures rather than settling the matter out of court. He warned that such settlement only emboldens the thieves who strike again to recoup their "fines" paid to the victims of recovered domestic animals.

"A woman had her chicken stolen and she decided to settle the matter with the chicken thief.

When money was paid, the alleged thief was set free", revealed senior chief Mbosyo.

The chief attributed the rise in theft to unemployment and failure of the October -November-December rains.

As a result of worsening drought, the government distributed food rations to 324 starving families.

Each household got a total of 9kg which comprised of 4kg rice and 5kg beans.

The chief urged residents to share the little they get with their neighbors.


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