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Alleged police brutality leaves Tseikuru man with hip and nose injuries

A 20-year-old man was allegedly assault by three police officers based in Kaningo Police Station, Tseikuru district.
Joseph Masika walks with an aid of a walking stick at his Kithayoni village in Kaningo location. He was allegedly manhandled by three police officers last Tuesday at Kaningo Police Station in Tseikuru district, Mwingi North Sub County/MWINGI TIMES

Joseph Masika was arrested by police last Tuesday at Kithayoni village and frog matched to Kaningo Police Station by the trio. 

Masika said that due to the kicks and blows he received from police officers, he developed hearing and walking problems as his hip was injured. He also suffered a bruise on the nose.
Joseph Masika aged 20 years old. His family is calling for justice after the alleged brutality he suffered in the hands of three police officers. His hips and nose were injured. He also said he developed a hearing impairment./MWINGI TIMES

The incident was booked in a police Occurrence Book under OB NO. 5/17/02/2023.  This was on Friday February 17. 

Sources familiar with the matter said that the reporting of the incident to police delayed by three days. No reason was given for the cause of delays in reporting the alleged assault.

The man's father Mr Muinde Musyoka told MWINGI TIMES that the family is seeking justice for his son. He also wants the policemen who brutalized his son to cater for his medical bills until he fully recovers.

"My son is now suffering at home as the family is poor and hunger-stricken. We don't have money to take him to hospital" , lamented the father.

According to the young man, when police arrested him in his farm, he remained calm and cooperated with them.

Upon arrival at the Kaningo Police Station, they started beating him. 

Tseikuru Ward MCA Kimanzi Muange said that the matter should be subjected to a thorough investigation in order for truth to be revealed.

Tseikuru Sub County Police Commander Charles Kibathi appeared to downplay the alleged assault but dispatched the Kaningo OCS to visit the victim and assess the extent of his injuries he allegedly suffered in the hands of police.
"What I can tell you is that the victim is not as seriously injured as it was alleged. We have however asked the family to ensure he is treated and a P3 form filled by the medic who attends to him," said the Tseikuru police boss when contacted.


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