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46 Kitui secondary school students hospitalized with injuries

St. Augustine Kanyangi Boys' school bus was involved in a road accident today in the morning where 48 passengers got minor injuries and rushed to the Kitui Level Four Hospital for treatment
46 students and two teachers sustained injuries when St Augustine Kanyangi Boys' school bus veered off the road on the way to Tungutu Girls secondary school near Kalundu bridge in Kitui Central. MWINGI TIMES/Josphine Mwende

This bus carrying St. Augustine Kanyangi Boys' students and St. Bridget Syomunyu Girls' students accompanied by their teachers lost its way along the road to Tungutu Girls high school and rolled several times near the Kalundu bridge. 

25 students from St. Augustine Kanyangi got injuries from the morning accident while 21 from St. Bridget Syomunyu got injuries too.

 Among the injured were two teachers who are getting treatment.

Confirming the accident the area senior chief of Tungutu  location Augustus Muthinzi Kasilia complained to county government about the continuing occurrence of accidents around this place, explaining that a lot of accidents has been happening due to poor condition of the road. 

" Accidents have been happening in this area. I ask the county government to take an action and reconstruct this road for permanent remedy for the accidents" said the senior chief.


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