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17 pupils admitted in Kyuso hospital having stomachache

17 pupils from Maseki Primary School of Kimangao location, Kyuso Sub County were admitted to the sub county hospital on February 2 having similar stomach problems.
The 17 Maseki Primary School pupils were admitted to Kyuso Sub County Hospital (pictured) for treatment. They complained of stomachache, headache and having high temperatures. They also had diarrhoea. MWINGI TIMES/Ronney Mwandikwa 

Confirming the incident, Kakongo assistant chief Ms Judith Maluki said the pupils were vomiting, complained of headache, stomachache and had high temperature.

In an interview with MWINGI TIMES, the administrator said that the pupils had consumed a millet product locally known as "mbîthî". The product was made at a certain home where three children of the same family carried it to school as a meal. They then shared it among their colleagues to eat.
"Three children from the same family had mbîthî prepared at home and carried it to school.

When they arrived at school, they shared the food with their friends. All those who drank it were affected. They started having diarrhea symptoms , stomachache, headache and had high temperatures", said the chief.

All those who consumed the mbîthî developed similar symptoms mentioned above, including the parents of the pupils.

A total of 19 cases are now admitted at the Kyuso Sub County Hospital for close observation.

Medical officers took samples of the millet for investigation.

Kakongo assistant chief Judith Maluki said health officers suspected that the patients may have consumed aflatoxin, a poisonous substance. However, the administrator said that they did not spot yellow eyes. She urged families of the affected to wait for medical results undergoing testing.


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