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NGALANGE Fumes: New band with big dreams

This week, a new band was formed in Mwingi. Although just getting started, it has big dreams of limitless possibilities.
Volume 1 of Ngalange Fumes Band. The band is working on its second edition of music release.
Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, Ngalange Fumes Band founder and lead singer James Musya Mwendwa alias Watene said the band is poised to climbing to the highest echelon in Kamba Benga Music.

"My dream is to achieve the maximum potential in music. I have no set limits. I should go to the highest level" he said.

In an apparent reference to an ongoing recruitment in the band,  Watene said that Ngalange Fumes Band is keenly scrutinizing those interested in joining it since he currently has his brother Vundi and a few other members as part of the team.

He said he was assessing the band's strengths as it takes shape.

The band has released six songs on YouTube and more are "coming soon". Click this link to watch his songs on YouTube: Ngalange Fumes

The available songs for entertainment are Tata wanzyaie, Myaka ngekala, Story yakwa naku, Frank Nthakyo, Kaundu susu wandavasya and Savali ya Ngalange.

Check out the videos and audios on YouTube and subscribe to Ngalange Fumes Band for the latest updates.


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