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Mwingi police rescue suspect from lynching

A mob injustice incident occured at Ithumbi market  within Yambyu area on Wednesday January 4, 2022 at around 9.30pm.
Mwingi Police Station/FILE 

A 35-year-old man was beaten by members of the public who alleged that he had been involved in a series of house breakings.

Confirming the incident, Mwingi OCPD Peter Mutuma said Kimanzi wa John had visible injuries on the face, swollen mandibles and blood was oozing from both ears and disfigured head caused as a result of the beatings.

Police rescued the suspected and rushed him to Mwingi Level Four Hospital for treatment.

Earlier, Ithumbi location chief Ms Elizabeth Makinda had told police that a person was lying motionless and bleeding profusely on the roadside adjacent to Yambyu Girls' Secondary School.

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