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Light rains in all parts of Mwingi North as season ends

There will be light rains this week for the whole of Mwingi North Sub County.
A cloudy morning in Kyuso town, Kyuso Ward./MWINGI TIMES 

Kitui County Director of Meteorology Mr Daniel Mbithi said that the far north area is lucky to be enjoying off-season rains as the October -December rain season ended in the third week of December 2022.
Expected rainfall distribution in Kitui County from January 10-16 as forecast by the Kenya Meteorological Department

The Weatherman revealed that Mumoni Ward will receive light rains on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Light rains is the one that is below 5mm as recorded on rain gauge.

Ngomeni Ward is forecast by the Kenya Meteorological Department to experience light rains on Tuesday.

Tseikuru will get its last rains of OND season on Thursday, a market day.
Makutano junction in Tseikuru township./MWINGI TIMES 

Just like her neighbor Mumoni ward, the cosmopolitan Tharaka Ward will have three days of short rains downpour on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mwingi North Sub County headquarters, Kyuso will be having light rains on Wednesday and Thursday, read a dispatch sent to MWINGI TIMES by KMD Kitui Director Mbithi. The weather forecast period is from January 10 to 16, 2023.

Kitui Central, the hilly parts of Kitui East, Kitui West and sections of Kitui South will possibly get moderate rains earlier in the week as the rest of the county gets light rains.

The forecast shows that the latter part of the week will be characterised with dry weather conditions.


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