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Kamuwongo livestock trader commits suicide, police say

KYUSO OCPD Nicholas Mutua has confirmed a suicide incident involving a 45-year-old man
The body of the deceased being carried from his house where it was recovered. Kyuso police boss Nicholas Mutua said Mr Munyoki Kilonzi, aged 45-years-old committed suicide in his house in Itivanzou location./MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT 

Police identified the deceased as Munyoki Kilonzi. Locals said that the man had been a livestock dealer for a long time.

The incident happened at Malembwani village in Tulanduli sub location, Itivanzou location, Kamuwongo division, Mwingi North constituency.

National Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers from Kyuso Police Station visited the scene and established that the body of the deceased was hanging with a rope round the deceased's neck from the truss of his house.

The Kyuso police boss said that the deceased had earlier in the day called his brother Kyalo Kilonzi informing him " that his life was in danger from white people who wanted to kill him". 

The Mwingi North headquarters OCPD Nicholas Mutua told MWINGI TIMES that the deceased did not elaborate who the white people were.

The family would later learn that the deceased had informed their two nieces aged 7 and 10 years to lock him inside the house. 

Police said that he did not leave behind a suicide note. His body was moved to Kyuso Sub County Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmoterm.


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