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"Client" is the new name of cheating in town

Barely in its forth episode, BRATHE is reflecting as true picture of today's dating world.
Cheating is a never-ending theme haunting a number of relationships including Baraza's. His and Tobit's relationship appear to have started to end./BRATHE

Two sets of couples are caught up in what is shaping to be a messy fallout over infidelity.

With Tobit having been cheated on by Zainabu, his rich mama, he goes to confide in Sammy how that made him feel. Sammy dismisses it as overreacting. He thinks it  (the relationship) can be salvaged.

It is the master cheater who is submerged between a rock and hard place.

Baraza's wife regrets that he is moving with a woman who is the age of their daughter.

But this is unsurprising to the viewer since Baraza has always been a bad boy with a lot of change to spoilt golddiggers. This is consistent with his portrayal in JANESIS programme.

The insecure Sammy thinks he will lie his way to the heart of Tina. 

What remains unclear is whether in all these lies, we can get a semblance of true love Or it will be as fictional as BRATHE, the spellbinding drama series.


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