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BRATHE admonishes cheating in Sammy Kioko's new show

The first episode of Brathe is doing well. Released on Friday, it has garnered nearly 40,000 views on YouTube.
SK ENTERTAINMENT's new show is called BRATHE. Catch it every Friday on YouTube.

It has inherited ardent viewers of JANESIS which took a break last season having finished strong with tens of episodes and thousands of views.

The Story

Zainabu is seeing Tobit but finds time to go date Baraza, a sponsor. The dramatic irony is that Tobit who vouches for fidelity is played by her girlfriend, Zainabu.

While secretly meeting Baraza, Zainabu dismisses Tobit as "ako tu." This means he is just there since he has no money.

For now, the clandestine is the one keeping viewers on edge some whom are head over heels with the film GOAT, Sammy Kioko.

Sample some views here from YouTube and Facebook.

Sammy Kioko: Happy New Year. From Sweet Moyo, Janesis and now BRATHE. Tujuane hapa.
Belta Mumbua Musau: Much love from Los Angeles.
Garnet Mwaga: nice work Sammy. Hiyo episode ingine ikam katikati ya wiki.
Fay Liz: Wow. Asante kwa kutuanzia mwaka vizuri.


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