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The Night of Nativity

Christmas has deeper meaning than eating and merry making.
The Holy Scripture from Genesis to Revelation speaks of Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega, Everlasting, Infinite, All Loving, the Creator, God the Healer, The Everlasting, the Present, the one who See's, .... God become one of us in the night of nativity....

Christmas is here with us once again. It’s very important to understand the meaning of Christmas. Christmas symbolises the great love that the Almighty God has for humanity.

At the beginning of all Creation, the Bible tells us the world was with no form. The Spirit of God was hovering and there was nothing but it was only His Spirit that was in existence.

God being God, decided to make order on the Heavens, and immediately, He spoke. From the First day up to the Sixth day, every thing happened as He spat out.

But on day five, He went to action and got His hands dirty. Adam was created.... Waalalalah...God was very happy but was saddened by the loneliness of Adam.

He foresaw in the life of Adam and being the All-Knowing God, He created Eve as a companion for Adam. For God has said "let us create someone like us". 

So you see, man was created in the likeness of God. God loved Adam and Eve so much that He visited them at His beautiful garden where He had placed them to enjoy His love, fellowship and also as His stewards of the rest of His creation.


To cut the long story short, man fell into sin and was eventually chased from the Garden of Eden.

Through the many generation and centuries, God missed the fellowship of His creation... The Man.

God being Holy, He made a plan that would make man clean to appear in His presence. 

In comes Jesus who agrees to be dethroned and descend to earth, enter human body and live among the humans and teach them how valuable they are to God and why God wanted them back to his fold.

Man in his own small mind did not want to listen or understand the purpose of Jesus coming to earth.

Today, we, like our forefathers, don't also understand.
The truth is Jesus was God Himself. When He healed the sick, they mistook it as acts of kindness, but it pained Him so much to see His very own Creation suffering and in pain.

When He sat with His disciples, they mistook Him and thought He was their friend and even called Him teacher.

 They were so closed up and did not realise that God was actually in their midst. 


The miracles and wonders He performed, they all thought He was a prophet. The wind, waters, seas, spirits, deceased, death, all obeyed Him....but yet they did not recognize Him for who He was.

And so do we today. 

Christmas has deeper meaning than eating and making merry. Christmas is a time to reflect on the love that God had for His creation. And even though He knew that His very own son would suffer under the cruelty of humankind, He allowed His very own to dwell among them because it was the only way it had to be done for God to ever allow mankind in His presence.

So as we merry this seasons of festivities, let us remember those among us who have all kinds of needs. Just like God did, let us step in and redeem them from pain and suffering.

May we be obedient to the Spirit of God and love our neighbours this Christmas. 

Put a smile on someone's face today. Angles will dance in Heaven on your behalf. 

Merry Christmas


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