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NDINDA: Hair management tips

It's a feel good Friday, and yes we are here once again for quite another edition of our column
Step out there looking all Trendy and Classy.

As we always say,it's a great idea to always step out looking all good, great and awesome. 

This will range from how you dress,how good your perfume is,your choice of shoes ,jeweleries, how your hair looks like,the kind of bag you carry etc. 

Today, we'll focus on the hair. How can we take good care of our hair so that it looks all great? Well, you don't have to worry because I got your back ,as always.

Setting us off today is our first point, that you avoid brushing your hair while wet. When your hair is wet, it's so easy for it to break because at this point it's so weak.

 Hair breakage leads to a great hair loss, that needs quite some time to be recovered. You need to make sure that you dry your hair carefully before you brush it.
In regard to our first point, make sure you don't rub your hair after washing it. Instead ,wrap a towel around your head and give it some time to dry through the towel.

Free your hair. Avoid tying it tight all the time . Just like our body needs some free space and time, so does our hair. You'll always feel some sort of freedom when you let your hair loosen up a little bit. Let it breath and feel so free.

A balanced diet is an essential part of our nutrition. Our hair needs to be healthy as well. Part of the process of achieving this, is making sure that you are eating a balanced diet. Your food should include proteins, vegetables and also do lots of greens. Your hair will always look so rich and full.

Make sure you put on a shower cap while swimming. This protects your hair from the harsh water chemicals. Chemicals can be a big blow to your hair growth thus making it seem like you are not doing well enough for its growth. Have a cap in your swimming costumes ,ever.

Use of great hair products. I have always said that before you decide to use any product ,be it in your face or the entire body, make sure you do a good research just so to make sure you are using the right products.

Your hair needs to be washed with the right products and also the oil hair should be the best one. You could consult a beauty consultant just so to make sure that the internet does not overwhelm you.

And finally ensure that you get to trim your hair regularly to do away with the uneven hair ends. Get a professional to do this so that it's even at the end of the day.

I hope that you all find the above tips useful. Remember that you need a have a great hair day. Bad hair days should not be a part of us while we have the above tips. Get out here looking all Trendy and Classy.

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters

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