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NDALANI Boys Band will outlive me-Vuusya Ungu

Released a week ago, Vuusya Ungu’s new song is a dedication to Ndalani Boys Band which he said will outlive him.

 Vuusya Ungu (far left) in his latest song titled Wana Kathambi. He thanked his band members for the roles they play in various assignments they do. /Courtesy

The Wana Kathambi song has already amassed over 90,000 views on YouTube. To listen to the brand-new hit, you can download it from

In the seven-minute-long video, Vuusya shares his dreams with colleagues and his fans. He said they will soon be performing in Europe and other continents. “As long as I am alive, I will keep producing high quality music”, he said.

The Wana Kathambi artist attributed the success of his music to the blessings he received from his parents as well as a priest only identified as Father Mutiso.

Due to the fierce rivalry in the Benga music industry, he spares some time to address his detractors. “Amaitha mwikuna mbwembwe mwisuvie mwikese kwona mwathua na sua”, (As you find faults in my music, take care because you can set with the sun) he warns.

Being a high-flying star, he attracts controversy in the statements which are open to diverse interpretations. He claimed that he “lost his weight by feeding his belly with sugarcane”.

A fact check by MWINGI TIMES showed that Mr Ungu’s statement was true.  Onlymyhealth, an online lifestyle platform said that sugarcane can help in weight loss. “Sugarcane juice acts as a natural energy booster. It not only helps in digestion but also can help in weight loss”, says

It goes on to add that sugarcane juice helps in shedding extra kgs. 


Lastly, he thanks himself for leading the band. He described himself as ithea syana (father of the children).

Vuusya Ungu’s success is made possible by his dedicated band members ranging from the staff hired to play various guitars, drums, cashiers and bouncers.


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