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Kamuthanga residents flee homes in fear of bandits

Residents of Kamuthanga sub location leaving their homes in fear of bandits. 
Kamuthanga is in Tseikuru Ward, Mwingi North. 
Area MCA Kimanzi Muange termed this as unacceptable. "Kenyans being pushed out of their ancestral homes by fellow Kenyans and the government ostensibly turns a blind eye. We have talked and talked, nothing has been done to provide security to our people", said MCA Muange.
The bandits are of Somali origin from neighboring counties.
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  1. This is is high time the government acts

  2. May God's justice rain from heavens....

    Psalms 82:3ff

  3. May The Almighty Father hear the cry of His people 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Add they have AK-47 firearms

  5. Disarmament very important in view of protecting our people from armed attackers.
    Kamba people should stop entertaining and entering into fishy deal with the somalis especially in areas of trade and social life.


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