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How to improve phone etiquette while drunk

Most times, a phone is never away from the drinking table. It is used to take photos, record audios and videos if need be.
A drunk phone user./Courtesy

But there is such a thing as regretting why the gadget can spoil fun of party especially so when drunk.

One avenue to stay away from is work groups while drinking. This is because they are usually formal set ups even when you're not in the office. So sending unsolicited messages to work groups on WhatsApp is the last thing a drunk employee can think of. It is a sobering reality that can shake the stupor of a drunk head.

Another area to avoid while drunk is calling respectable people in odd hours. If you're stuck in a traffic jam, call your Bodaboda rider not your best friend who is likely asleep or "building the nation" at the material hour in question.

This may sound like an internal contradiction but it works. Since all of the above ways of embarrassing yourself occur when you have money, data or both, when you anticipate going to the bar for hours on end, be deliberate in starving your phone of data and airtime. This will make you appear civil until your head is sane enough to handle the murky world of digital spaces where there is information overload and internet connectivity stress.

When in a drinking den ,ensure you have a trusted friend who can handle your phone to avoid it being stolen or your mobile money wallet emptied by the sweet talking waiter. 

That friend will also answer some of the calls and correspondence you may receive from your family and friends who wonder whether you'll get home safe since darkness is a theater of all pretenders.


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