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EMBU UDA MP condemns Winnie Odinga for skipping State House event

Manyatta Member of Parliament Gitonga Mukunji has said that he will institute a process to recall his EALA counterpart Ms Winnie Odinga for failing to show up in State House for a meeting with President earlier this week.

Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji addresses the press at his NGCDF office in Embu town. MWINGI TIMES/Brian Musyoka

Mukunji stated that Winnie had started failing on her EALA duties saying that she should have attended the President Ruto’s meeting.

While addressing press at Manyatta NGCDF office in Embu town when he unveiled the constituency NGCDF board member, the legislator said that Ms Odinga was voted in by both the majority and minority MPs to represent the interests of Kenyans in the East African Community and she should not be bias in her duties.

"All members of EALA yesterday went and met the President and CS in Charge of East Africa Region and they were there to get mandate of our standing as a country on issues of East Africa Community. To our shock Winnie Odinga was not there. It is a shame that we still carry ourselves with the boundaries that we should not carry ourselves with. Politics are over," Mukunji said.

At the same tone he said they will summon the EALA legislator to answer to questions why she did not attend the meeting at State House led by the President.

"If he was preparing for maandamano then we will have to replace her with another person," Mukunji said without elaborating.

Images shared by State House Kenya revealed that all the MPs who were elected in the regional house were present during the meeting with Ruto but Winnie was conspicuously missing from the photos.

While answering to questions why Winnie skipped the meeting at State House, Suna Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed said that she was preparing for Raila's scheduled rallies.

"She is preparing for the Kamukunji meeting."Junet Mohammed wrote on Twitter on Monday, December 5.

Manyatta MP Mukunji pledge to ensure resources are evenly distributed across the constituency.


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