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Why the Global South is drifting to the Left

The end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, popularly known as the U.S.S.R appeared like we as the globe and her citizens were ready in for a single polar world and the crusaders of the same made everyone believe it was the right thing to do. Was it? 

African women go home after collecting firewood. The Global South is rebelling from Western imperialism and repositioning itself as a power that can no longer be wished away./File

The synergy across all walks of life indicated that we’ve had enough of wars and we shall use dialogue to resolve our conflicts in the future. It was like an end of a romantic movie as the “happily ever after” door swung open ushering mankind into a clear blue sky shining at the end of the tunnel. This could be evidenced by the zeal at which we moved to ensure that we have peace and stability that is backed by democratic institutions a key protagonist in what seemed to be a closing chapter of our dark past as humanity and the global community came through for them. I imagine it was a crucible moment for what was to become of us today.

The Betrayal

How that has played it’s a different story worth our time. The grievances which led us here were swept under the carpet and replaced with what appears to be tokenism as the protagonist of our dark past hijacked our freedoms and sovereignty which has resulted in multipolarity even threatening to end our universe with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) like Nagasaki and Hiroshima was in fairytales.

As a member of the Global South myself it saddens how few Western elites have ganged up to perpetuate imperialism and neo-colonialism hiding in the veil of capitalism. It has come at the great expense where bloodshed, killings, and displacement of innocent civilians. Assuming many shapes and forms which include; regime change through sponsored coups, trade embargoes for countries and citizens of countries dragging their feet or outrightly defending their sovereignty, mainstream media propaganda, cultural reengineering, and sometimes invasion and occupation among many that we can not exhaust in one article, perhaps we might need a course to properly study this.


Global South has found itself in a familiar corner once again and true to that, there’s only one way out of it which is to resist and that’s why they’re drifting to the left in total solidarity with each other as comrades.

From Latina America, Asia, parts of Europe to Africa chemistry is one. This has reinforced older struggles like the Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation, not to mention the suffering of the people of the Gaza strip also known as the largest human prison. It doesn’t surprise any African citizen even after our African made it clear in her demands to the United Nations that it will take nothing less than two permanent seats and five non-permanent seats at the United Nations Security Council with veto power.

 It’s only the federation of Russia that has walked the talk with the people of Africa when it mattered both in the past and present. However complicated and immoral this support is made to seem by the Western media in Africa it’s a true friendship as demonstrated by numbers during United Nations resolution vote to impose sanctions on the Vladimir Putin-led nation where over half of the African states either abstained or outrightly vote in solidarity with the Russian Federation.


Looking at the democratic trends at the ballot more left-leaning anti-imperialism regimes are being elected. Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, and recently concluded Kenya’s election that shocked many. For the first time, the summit of the Americas happened in empty halls following a boycott from member states led by Mexico in solidarity with the people of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela following Biden’s administration to isolate them as usual but the people through their leaders stood firm with humanity calling for the United States to lift sanctions imposed against the people and democratically elected governments. Hopefully, this spirit will go up to the floor of the United Nations.


If the established global systems established to guarantee and safeguard the safety of the popular sovereignty of members states do not reform themselves in light of these trends we might see the collapse of the global order for good and trust me, it will be nasty and with some heavyweights like casualties as the natural selection take our hand to the bed we’ve laid for ourselves.

OPINION By Vundi Hyphen

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