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Sustained attacks by bandits in Mandongoi make pupils flee school

Learning in Mandongoi Primary School was suspended indefinity on Monday following a ruthless attack by bandits. Locals said that bandits disguised as camel herders have been giving them sleepless nights.

Ms Mary Mbuvi from Mandongoi and her family living in the bush after armed camel herders attacked the area in the past.MWINGI TIMES/File

Mandongoi primary school is located in Ngomeni Ward, Mwingi North Sub County, Kitui County. the school has about 400 pupils who cannot study owing to the volatile situation resulting from night attacks and firing of guns by bandits.

The school’s head teacher Mr Joel Maundu said that insecurity had affected learning in the area since only 50 pupils reported to school out of a population of 400.

On Sunday, a man from Kanyunyi village in Ngomeni was attacked by a camel herder whose 100 camels had invaded his farm.

The 42-year-old Mr Mutie Mutua was invaded by six bandits at dawn. Following an altercation, one of the camel herders slashed the back of his neck using a sword. He was taken to Ngomeni Health Centre for treatment.

Kyuso Sub County Police Commander Nicholas Mutua said that a contingent of security officers was deployed to Ngomeni Ward to patrol the area on Monday in order to bring sanity in the region.

The area police boss told MWINGI TIMES that a Sunday night incident involved firing of a bullet by the bandits. He revealed that the bullet missed the villager being attacked. "It is true, criminals shot at a villager on Sunday night but he was not hit. I am currently leading an operation in the area. We are trailing the gunmen and evicting the herder and their camels," he said.


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