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Sorcerer forced to perform her magics on a woman she had bewitched

ON TUESDAY, an elderly woman believed to be a sorcerer or a witch and allegedly caused sickness to another woman in the village was fighting for her life in Mutitu subcounty hospital after getting severe injuries from a thorough beating and partial burns by an angry mob. 

Angry residents of Kanzau location, Miambani ward in Kitui Central surround a witch (partly hidden far left). Area assistant chief rescued her as the residents had partly tried to burn her after undressing her. MWINGI TIMES/Josphine Mwende 

The woman named Kavula who hails from Kanzau location in Miambani ward which is in Kitui Central Sub County visited the said sick woman in her home and confessed that she is the one who had caused the suffering to the other woman's body and stripped herself naked to remove the harmful charms she had put to cause the sickness of her neighbour. 

This aroused anger in villagers that led to her beatings and they unclothed her. They partly burned her before being rescued by the area assistant chief. 

"This woman came to see the sick woman in her house and started laughing at her. This gave the residents suspicion because she is believed to be a witch and asked her questions about the sickness of that other woman. She confessed that she is the one who caused her sickness where she was forced to perform her magic and unharm her. The angry residents beat her, and tried to burn her before she was rescued by area assistant chief" the area chief declared while confirming the incident in an exclusive interview with MWINGI TIMES.


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