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NDINDA: Keeping our white clothes white


Hello to everybody. I hope that you have been doing great and keeping safe as well. It's been a minute but well we are back for our very favourite segment of Trendy and Classy

Always ensure that you soak in your clothes before washing them.

As we all know, the rainy season is here with us and we are grateful for it. There is always a lot of mud during this time and it might be a challenge putting on white clothes because of muddy stains here and there. Today I want us to talk about how we can put on our fancy white-coloured clothes and still maintain the spark.

Firstly, always ensure that you soak in your white clothes before washing them. This helps in ensuring that the stain soak off for an easy wash. Stains can be a pain especially with our coloured clothes. They can even make us never wear our favourite piece. I always want you to step out looking all great with so much confidence.

Separate white clothes from coloured ones. This one will help in making sure that in case you have a clothe that fades colour, it doesn't affect your white piece. Just like I had mentioned above, stains can be quite stubborn and some are permanent. Once your white garment stains with another colour, it might be so hard to change the colour to the original one. Sort out your dirty laundry before washing.

Treat stains as they happen. Our major focus especially with coloured clothes is stain. We all have done this before. You realize that you've stained your clothe, you'll rush to wiping it so that it won't be so hard when washing or even become a permanent one. Once the stain happens and you are in a position to soak it immediately, do so.

If not, make sure that when you get home, you get it soaked. Remember that we've said soaking in your clothes makes the washing so easy.

Dry the clothes outdoor. There is always a myth that the sun makes white clothes whiter. I don't know how true this is but then there is always a spark on our clothes once outside on the sun. They also get dry so fast considering there is also wind. So at least your clothes don't have to spend a day and a night on the cloth line.

This point is so crucial. Most of us don't check the cleanliness of our hanging lines. Most times our cloth lines are not in a clean state due to dust. Make sure you wipe your lines before hanging so that you can be sure that your clothes will be hanging on a very clean line.

Avoid wearing your white-coloured clothes more than once. You might be tempted to think that you've only worn the top, or trouser or even vest once so it's not dirty. You fold it and take it back to the closet.

Dirt does not always have to look so intense for a cloth or shoes to be washed. For the dull coloured outfits, this may be ruled out because of they are fade in colour.

For the bright coloured ones, there need to wash them after every wear to avoid change in colour.

Do a rinse cycle. Stains can be obtained from not well rinsed clothes. Make sure you always do a good rinse cycle to make sure that the water is not coloured. Our clothes take in the dirt from the water we rinse from but it'll reflect once the cloth dries.

You also need to ensure that your washing troughs are washed before you commence on the laundry process. Where you get your water from should be a clean source as well.

DEAR esteemed reader, these tips will come a great way for you to make sure you don't keep on hiding that stain or even stop wearing your favourite piece. Step out in confidence and own that look. Always remember step out looking ALL Trendy and Classy.

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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