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More lives at risk as killer Enziu bridge construction delays

Residents of Nguni and Nuu Wards of Mwingi Central Sub County in Kitui County are still glaring at the possibility of yet another tragedy with the year, posed by the Killer Enziu River which has been causing numerous deaths during rainy seasons due to the wanting state of the Enziu bridge. 

For close to a year, the government has not completed construction of Enziu bridge (pictured). An accident that occurred on December 4 last year killed over 30 people. Workers who spoke to MWINGI TIMES here said they have not been paid. MWINGI TIMES/Boniface Mwaniki

The Enziu river came to the limelight of the nation on Saturday December 4, 2021 after a bus ferrying choir members from Mwingi town to Nuu was swept by the water leading to the death of over 30 people. Numerous deaths had also been previously reported at the Enziu bridge previously.

Many promises have so far been made by various government officials pledging to construct the bridge as soon as possible to avert more deaths. However, even after the government committed over 500 million Kenyans shillings towards the construction of the bridge, too little has been done. Kiu Construction Company won the contract to construct the bridge and construction works are still ongoing, though at a very slow pace.

Manzi Mwanzi who is a teacher by profession and a resident of Nguni says that the construction of the Enziu bridge is very crucial to the residents of Mwingi. He urged the National Government to fast-track its construction so that innocent lives stop being lost in the river.   

Even some workers on the site are complaining of delays in payments. Faith Ndunge, a resident of the areas of Nguni and who is currently employed at the construction site says that during the rainy season, water in the Enziu river swells for days, and residents are forced to wait, with many who attempt crossing risking losing their lives.

Ruth Mawia, who is also an employee at the site says that the bridge is of immense importance to area residents and it has caused them untold agony during rainy seasons, with many lives having been lost so far. However, just like Ndunge, she is also complaining about the delayed payments which is forcing workers on the site to suffer serious financial challenges.

However, according to Erick Odhiambo, an employee of the Kiu Construction Company which is undertaking the construction, everything is going according to plan and despite the challenge of the forthcoming rains, construction works are set to continue.


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